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Prevent Diversion of Narcotics by leveraging our hardware and software - keeping your medication secure at every step.

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Capture DEA compliant data, generate reports, and track inventory from pharmacy to patient. 

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An independent solution without need to interface with your current pharmacy management software. 

The EasyView Lockbox & How We Got Our Start As Riemer Systems

About us: The history of Riemer Systems begins back in 1998. At the time, Dave Riemer (founder of Riemer Systems) learned about a common issue faced by many sectors of the healthcare industry. This problem was managing the keys and locking medications when needed. In order to solve this issue, Dave designed a unique lock box that was keyless with a clear door for easy view of inventory while securely locked. Dave was later awarded a patent for his unique design.

The Mechanical Push-Button Lock EasyView is an ideal solution for medication storage if you are looking for a management tool and lock box that can be permanently mounted or portable. The reliable push-button lock has thousands of easily resettable combination possibilities. It has near limitless potential to solve medication management problems within the home, hospital, or pharmacy. For more information, read below or check out our Products page.

Riemer Systems is a manufacturer on the forefront of medication management and medical security. Its products are those of exceptional importance: truly unique keyless locking systems known as The EasyView Keyless Lock Box collection. What began in 1998 as a simple solution for convenient storage of medication and equipment (often left unattended atop medication carts in hospitals) has matured to be a source of compliance and naturally became a medical industry security standard. Our initial customers have become lasting clients, and new clients realize the value of our medicine boxes and other products daily for medication management and other purposes.