The Meridian Manager 

The Meridian Manager app helps patients track their pain and communicate with their practitioner between visits. Real-time communication enables patients to receive more personalized, targeted care.

A dedicated tablet makes Meridian Manager easy to set up for patients and simple for patients to use. By eliminating the need for a cell phone, the tablet also makes Meridian Manager accessible to all patients. The practitioner dashboard assists with charting. The dashboard also allows practitioners to provide documentation of remote therapeutic monitoring services to their billers.


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) provides valuable insight into patients’ pain patterns and increases understanding of how patient’s lives are affected by symptoms.

Meridian Manager allows patients to record pain location, level, exacerbating and alleviating factors, and other parameters. Patients can easily use the Meridian Manager app utilizing the dedicated tablet.

Data is shown on the Meridian Manager dashboard. This information helps to  personalize care, promote optimal patient outcomes, and reduce preventable healthcare visits. RTM data, gathered on the dashboard, can be used in billing for RTM services.

Who We Help

The Meridian Manager app allows patients to communicate their symptoms more easily to their healthcare team. Improved communication between patient and provider facilitates efficient, effective care. All information is documented on the dashboard which can be reviewed for clinical decision making and compiled for billers.

Pain Management Physicians


Occupational & Physical Therapists

Key Features

Pain Tracking

The app allows patients to record their pain daily by drawing on a body diagram, using a VAS scale, indicating pain timing, descriptors, and exacerbating and alleviating factors.

Notes & Insights

Text fields allow patients to note additional information about their symptoms.


The pain descriptors and reporting help practitioners improve and personalize care. 


RTM codes can be considered when supporting information from Meridian Manager is used along with other criteria for meeting medical necessity and any other additional billing requirements. Integration with your EHR is available on request.

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