Healthcare Lock Boxes and Locking Cabinets

Riemer Systems works with healthcare providers who are seeking a solution for medication security and regulation compliance.  We offer a full line of healthcare lock boxes and locking cabinets. Our lockable medicine storage solutions help prevent theft and drug diversion, minimize potential contamination of personal protective equipment, and help prevent theft of other critical items.

Our versatile lock boxes and locking cabinets are customizable to meet various needs:

  • Surface mount, wall mount, or portable
  • Self-locking, manual, or audit trail lock
  • White, frosted,  or clear door
  • Various sizes and types


Medication Management Solution for Hospitals

Hospitals and medical centers secure medications with our Wall-Mounted Locking Cabinets and emergency equipment with our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB).

LTC Pharmacies 

Medication Security

Long-term care pharmacies can transport controlled narcotics securely from the pharmacy to the long-term care facility with our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) with Tracking Software.

VA Medical Centers

Medication Management Applications - VA & Long Term Care

VA Medical Centers & LTC Providers secure  medications  throughout the facility with a Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) bolted to med carts or Wall-Mounted Cabinets in patient rooms.

Veterinary Clinics

Medication Management Solution for Hospitals

With both federal and state regulations,  veterinary hospitals are held to the same standards as hospitals and pharmacies. For medications that can be stored at room temperature, our Wall Mounted Locking Cabinets can provide a secure storage location. 


Medication Management Solution for Hospitals

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) need to securely carry pharmaceuticals, needles, syringes, and other critical items to provide medical care in the event of an emergency and during transport to the hospital. 

Home Health Care

Medication Management Solution for Hospitals

 Home health care providers can bring the patient’s medication to their home and securely store it until its appropriate use. Home owners have peace of mind that their medication will be inaccessible to children or visitors.

Medication Lock Box Features


All of our medical lock boxes feature a keyless lock and safety backup key override lock.


Lockable medicine storage for a fraction of the cost of comparable systems on the market.


Portable, surface mount, or wall mount lockable medication box. 



Improve DEA and/or JCAHO compliance with lockable medication storage and transport.



Customize the lock and door type to best fit your needs. Choose from a self-locking lock, a manual lock, and an audit trail lock 

Download Our Product Catalog 

Interested in our secure medication storage solutions but need to consult your purchasing department?  Download our product catalog to browse all of our healthcare lock boxes and locking cabinets. Please reach out with any questions or special requests!