Veterinary Clinics 

How Our Wall Mounted Locking Cabinets are Used in Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics store a variety of medications to vaccinate and treat animal patients. With both federal and state regulations,  veterinary hospitals are held to the same standards as hospitals and pharmacies. Often, there are both recordkeeping and secure storage requirements. 

Regarding federal regulations, the DEA looks closely at all types of healthcare professionals. With America’s opioid epidemic, gone are the days when the DEA focused on large pharmacies and hospitals.  Today, DEA Compliance is essential for veterinarians and all healthcare professionals who are licensed for use of controlled substances.

Furthermore, additional state regulations may apply. For example, the state of Washington requires all medications to be stored in a locked container/cabinet until use and inaccessible to children. In another example, the state of Virginia has specific requirements for drug storage, dispensing, destruction, and records. Similarly, all drugs must be stored in a secure manner to prevent theft or diversion.  The right medication secure storage solution will depend on the type of medications, state regulations, and federal regulations. 

Wall Mount Locking Cabinet

For medications that can be stored at room temperature, our Wall Mounted Locking Cabinets can provide a secure storage location. Veterinary clinics often choose the small, medium, or large Wall Mounted Locking Cabinet with a frosted or white door.

Surface Mount  Lock Box

Our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) can be mounted on the surface of an anesthesia cart or used as a portable medical lock box during transport. Depending on the recordkeeping requirements, you can choose the PECB with Tracking Software that  was specifically designed for LTC pharmacies and DEA Compliance. If you simply need an audit trail, our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) with an Audit Trail Lock is a more affordable alternative. 

    Benefits of Choosing Our Medication Storage Solution



    Increase compliance with federal and state laws.



    Select the door color and lock that suits  your needs.



    Keep critical medications locked away to avoid accidents and/or misuse. 


    Keep items in a specific location and increase workflow efficiency.



    Keep critical items secured & deter theft.


    Reduce pharmaceutical waste and medicinal supply costs with our solutions.