JCAHO Compliance

A JCAHO Compliant Solution for Your Hospital

The hospital market is where Riemer Systems got its start with our patented EasyView Lock Box (Model PECB).

The PECB lock box was originally designed to be mounted on anesthesia carts to safely and conveniently secure medications on a cart. It allows hospitals to save time and money by not having to transport drugs back to the pharmacy when surgery becomes delayed while providing a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) compliant solution.

Riemer Systems has developed several products that have been providing a broad range of JCAHO compliant solutions in hospitals across the country – here are just some examples:

  • An assortment of keyless wall mounted cabinets that can be installed in all departments throughout the hospital to safely and conveniently secure medications and critical equipment.
  • Keyless wall mounted cabinets mounted in patient rooms that ensure patient medications and ointments that can be re-used by the patient instead of throwing unused medications out.
  • Portable lock boxes that secure the patient’s medications and follow the patient throughout their stay in the hospital.
  • Electronic lock box models can be set up similar to a hotel safe where the patient can lock up their personal belongings by entering a personal combination to lock and unlock the unit. When the patient leaves the hospital, the lock box is left unlocked, and the next patient can enter a new personal combination.

Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive automated drug delivery systems?

Contact us to learn about a medication management solution consisting of lock boxes (portable or wall mounted) and tracking medication management software.