Secure Cabinets for Patient Rooms

Medication safety is a crucial part of patient care in VA Medical Centers and other long-term care facilities. Some meds must be given directly from the registered nurse to patient while other topical creams and medications can be stored in the patient rooms. Our wall-mounted locking cabinets are often used by hospitals and VA Medical Center as secure cabinets for patient rooms. 

Why Install Secure Cabinets in Patient Rooms?

In long-term care facilities, residents require specialized care but there is also a level of independence. It is important that medications are secured when they are in the room or when they are out of their room having dinner in the dining hall. Also, when guests visit the resident, it is essential that all medications are secured.

Installing a secure wall mounted locking cabinet in patient rooms provides:

  • Secure storage at all times
  • Increases medication safety
  • Increases compliance
  • Increases workflow efficiency
  • Increases accuracy
  • Reduces pharmaceutical waste
  • Reduces medicinal supply cost
  • Reduces MDRO transmission
  • Increases infection control
  • Increases safety at the bedside.
  • Reduces theft

A secure cabinet for patient rooms is a great option for safekeeping of multi-use medications and ointments while deterring theft or abuse of medications.

What should you look for in a secure cabinet for patient rooms?

When it comes to a secure cabinet for patient rooms, there are a few essential features:

#1 Secure

You will want to ensure the cabinet always secures the items inside. The cabinet should automatically lock, not rely on someone to lock it. You never know when an emergency may happen, or a distraction may occur. Our wall mounted locking cabinets come standard with a self-locking mechanism that requires a code to open the door and is automatically locked when the door is shut.

 #2 Placement

You will also need to consider where the secure cabinet will be placed. Space is limited in patient rooms, so it is often more convenient to mount the locking cabinet to a wall rather than a surface in the room. Furthermore, this ensures no one can walk away with the cabinet and that the cabinet is always in the same place. 

#3 Size

When considering the placement of the secure cabinet, you will need to consider the exterior dimensions and how much space is available. Our wall mounted locking cabinets come in various sizes: Small 4.25″D x 12″W x 12″H, Medium 6″D x 14″W x 15″H, Large 6″D X 14″W X 15″H, or Tall 4.25″D x 14″W x 22.75″H.

#4 Storage Space

Additionally, you will want to consider what will be stored and how much space you need inside the cabinet to store the necessities. Our locking cabinets come with two pre-installed storage shelves to maximize storage space.

#5 Ease of Access

Locks that require a key are impractical in healthcare environments where multiple people need access. Rather, a keyless electronic code provides ease of access and is much more feasible. All our secure cabinets come standard with an electronic keypad lock with a low battery alarm and a safety backup key override.

#6 Cost

To install secure cabinets across patient rooms, you need to be mindful of the cost and be able to justify the cost when purchasing. Our secure cabinets are affordable and start at only $365 for the small wall mounted locking cabinet. If you are ordering multiple cabinets, make sure to request a quote for a bulk quantity discount.

What do our customers say?

One of our customers recently shared, “The Riemer Self-Locking Cabinets are being utilized in multiple VA Medical Centers. This cabinet is the most economical choice while providing the highest advantage.”



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