Medication Cabinet with a Traceable Audit Trail

Are you looking for an affordable medication locking cabinet or lock box with a traceable audit trail that is easy to use and does not require special software? A CompX Audit Trail Lock can be added to our medication locking cabinets and lock boxes. 

What is an Audit Trail?

For a given system or device, an audit trail provides a rolling event record of who accessed the lock box and when (time and date stamp). The purpose of an audit trail is to make electronic data traceable and secure.

Healthcare providers, LTC facilities and pharmacies, Veterinary facilities, and hospitals are all responsible for managing, storing, and distributing medications in a safe and secure manner. Depending on how the locking cabinet and lock box is used, regulations may require you to keep a record of access detailing the user, date, and time.

Traditional locks secure the storage, but an audit trail takes it a step further with an electronic record of access. A documented, electronic audit trail that is irrefutable can be invaluable if an incident arises.

Why is an Audit Trail Needed?

An audit trail provides access control for cabinet doors, drawers, storage enclosures, file cabinets, etc. Audit Trails can provide access controls for compliance, secure patient medications and wound care, hold employees accountable, and control health care costs.


Depending on how you use the cabinet and your industry, regulations may require your facility to keep a record of access detailing the user, date, and time.


An audit trail helps deter medication and narcotic theft with an electronic record of access. Access is only granted when one of the pre-programmed user codes is entered. For every entry, the audit trail records the user, time, and date of access.


An audit trail provides a record so that it is easy to pinpoint where mistakes or issues arose.

Control Costs

Reduce pharmaceutical waste and medical supply costs by ensuring that medications are always safe and secure with an electronic record of access.

About Our Audit Trail Locks

For complete access control and accountability, an audit trail lock can be added on to all our medication wall mounted locking cabinets or portable electronic control boxes. The Audit Trail lock is available in two versions: self-locking and manual locking (For more on the lock types, please see How to Choose the Right Lock for Your Locking Cabinet).

The audit trail lock features:

  • A 1,500-rolling event record with a time and date stamp record of user access.
  • Stores up to 20 unique four-to-eight-digit user codes.
  • No custom software required. No manual programming of lock.
  • Integrates with ActiveTrack, a one-time download of an Excel spreadsheet where users are created, and data is stored.
  • Passcodes unique to each lock.
  • Convenient, keyless, passcode entry via a push button lock.
  • Battery powered – no wiring required

The Audit Trail lock is easy to use, install, and maintain. It features:

  • A safety backup override lock in case the combination is forgotten.
  • An extended battery life of 75,000 cycles for ease of maintenance.
  • A low battery indicator
  • Convenient, easily accessible battery for installation/removal
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • 20 user codes per lock (19 user codes & one supervisor master code)
  • Flexibility to change out the lock without purchasing a new lock box

Many of our customers appreciate that there is no complicated software involved, simply excel! You can program the lock through Excel and lock has a micro-USB port so that you can easily transfer data to your computer, laptop, iPad or handheld. Please contact us with any questions or shop online to view our wall mounted locking cabinets and portable lock boxes.


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