How to Choose the Right Lock for Your Locking Cabinet

Riemer Systems offers a full line of keyless medication lock box solutions including both wall mounted locking cabinets and portable lock boxes. One of the most common questions our customers ask is, “Which lock type should I choose?” Here’s how to choose the right lock for your locking cabinet.Dual Products - Small Wall Mounted & Portable Lock Box

Three Lock Type Options

All our locking cabinets and lock boxes come standard with the self-locking lock, but you can choose the manual/shared use lock upon purchase for no extra charge. The audit trail lock can be purchased for an additional charge. When it comes time to choosing a lock, you have three choices:

#1 Self-locking

The self-locking lock has a spring-loaded latch, so the user can simply close the door and automatically lock the box. The self-locking lock is ADA compliant.

#2 Manual/Shared Use

The Manual/Shared has two built-in features: (1) Manual Mode, and (2) Shared Use. Either of these options is easily selected during the lock setup. The manual/shared use lock is ADA compliant.

The manual mode requires the user to rotate the lock knob to the locked or unlocked position.

If the shared use is selected, the lock allows for shared/daily use that enables a revolving user code, so that multiple users can use the lock without having to reprogram the lock each time. This is a great option for healthcare providers who have high turnover, have doctors and nurses sharing a lock box on different shifts, or have patients who want to lock up their valuables.

Similar to a hotel safe, the shared use mode allows for a revolving user code that allows multiple users with unique codes. When someone checks into the room, they can put their own personal code into the lock and lock the box. When they check out, they leave the door open (unlocked) and the next person can enter their code.

#3 Audit Trail Lock

For healthcare providers who need complete access control and accountability, the Audit Trail lock provides a time and date stamped record of access. The Audit Trail lock is easy to use, install, and maintain. Each lock can hold up to 20 unique four to eight-digit user codes.

It provides a 1,500-event rolling audit trail. Best of all – programming of the audit trail is excel-based, so there is no confusing software to learn or worry about! Data is transferred via a USB to a computer with Microsoft Excel.

Keyless Lock Type Features

All of our locking cabinets and lock boxes come standard with a CompX RegulatoR keyless lock and a safety back up metal key lock. CompX International has been an industry leader for 100 years, specializes in security products, and manufactures products in U.S.A.

CompX RegulatoR locks offer the following features:

  • Keyless, electronic push button lock
  • A safety backup override key in case the combination is forgotten or batteries die
  • An extended battery life of 75,000 cycles for ease of maintenance
  • A low battery indicator
  • Convenient, easily accessible battery for installation/removal
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • 20 user codes per lock (19 user codes & one supervisor master code)
  • Flexibility to change out the lock without purchasing a new lock box

CompX RegulatoR locks are commonly used in healthcare, schools, laboratories, health clubs, and retail. The ideal applications include cabinet doors, drawers, lockers, storage enclosures, file cabinets, and computer server racks.

How To Choose the Right Lock For Your Locking Cabinet

If you are wondering which lock is right for you, ask yourself these three questions:

How do you want to lock the cabinet and/or box?

Automatically = No action needed
By Rotating a Knob = Add-on Manual Lock

Do you need shared use mode for revolving user codes similar to a hotel safe?

Yes = Add-on Manual Lock
No = No action needed

Do you need a time and date stamp record of access (i.e. Audit Trail)?

Yes = Add-on Audit Trail Lock
No = No action needed

Your answers will determine if the standard self-locking lock is sufficient or if you need to add-on a manual lock and/or audit trail lock. You are always welcome to contact us directly with your needs & we can make a recommendation.

For more details, view the Standard specifications or Audit Trail specifications.

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