Long-Term Care Pharmacies

LTC Pharmacy Secure Medication Storage & Transport

Our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) with Tracking Software is designed specifically for LTC Pharmacy secure medication storage and transport. Long-term care pharmacies and other large central pharmacies need to transport prescriptions and controlled narcotics securely from the pharmacy to the facility. Our portable lock box with tracking software is versatile and will secure critical medications every step of the way.

Through our partnership, Riemer Systems creates the hardware and TS-TEK integrates their tracking software into our Portable Electronic Control Boxes. The tracking software captures narcotic inventory, nurse information to deter narcotic theft, and patient prescription information to keep compliant with DEA regulations.

Most of our long-term care pharmacy customers purchase the Portable Electronic Control Boxes with a white door to keep the patient information private and for HIPAA compliance. The standard self-lock, which requires a code to open and automatically locks when the door is shut, is the most common lock selection.

Riemer Systems offers two purchasing options:

1)  Purchase the number of PECB boxes you require and Web-Based Software, or

2) Contact us to discuss our new leasing option eliminating difficult to achieve capital funding requests!

Our portable lock box is used by LTC pharmacies as a narcotic lock box and/or prescription lock box to improve DEA compliance, secure medications,  and track prescriptions every step of the way. 


Benefits of Choosing our Portable Lock Box with Tracking Software



Compliance with DEA and HIPAA regulations.


A fraction of the cost of comparable systems on the market.



Simply start with one and scale as needed.


Independent solution. No integration with pharmacy software necessary. 


Capture audit log for appropriate use.



Keep medications safe and deter diversion of narcotics.