DEA Compliance at an Affordable Price

Our Portable Electronic Control Boxes (PECB) with Tracking Software was developed and designed specifically for Long Term Care Pharmacies to provide DEA Compliance at an affordable price. When used in conjunction with RxSystems data collection and materials management Web-Based application, they offer your pharmacy an affordable answer to complying with the standards of practice and federal regulations from nursing facilities set forth by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Control Substance Act of 1970.

Riemer Systems PECB box and software will help you…

  • Comply with DEA regulations and CSA guidelines
  • Avoid substantial fines by the DEA for non-compliance
  • Keep inventory secure from the pharmacy to the facility to the patient
  • Step by step, real time date and time tracking of dispensed drugs
  • Increase security of high-risk and high-alert medications
  • Identify potential diversion and inventory loss
  • Ensure accurate medication dispensing
  • Provide better customer care

Plus, PECB’s and software application is…

  • A fraction of the cost to comparable and existing automated drug delivery systems on the market
  • Low initial cost that is scalable to your budget (start with one box and add boxes as your budget allows)
  • Web-based, so there’s no need to buy a dedicated computer to run the software like the competition
  • Adaptable and designed to support 1,000 – 50,000 beds
  • HIPPA compliant

Portable Electronic Control Boxes (PECB)

  • Well built, sturdy and secure high density polyethylene construction
  • Built in easy carrying handle with fold down feature
  • Electronic locks for keyless access and easy change combination for – one user or multiple users
  • Key pad has built in Master iB key override function (iB key sold separately)
  • Rolling/changing combination for added security

Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive automated drug delivery systems?

Contact us to learn about a medication management solution consisting of lock boxes (portable or wall mounted) and tracking medication management software