A Portable Narcotic Lock Box

Looking for a portable narcotic lock box? Our Portable Electronic Control Box (PECB) with RxSystems Tracking Software is exactly what you are looking for. This portable narcotic lock box was specifically designed to meet the needs of long-term care pharmacies who transport narcotics from the LTC pharmacy to the LTC facility.

Key Features

Our Portable Electronic Control Boxes with Tracking Software features:

  • DEA, CSA guidelines, and HIPAA compliance
  • Secure storage every step of the way from the pharmacy to patient.
  • Built to last with sturdy White PVC High-Density Polyethylene, which is known for its durability and shock resistance.
  • Integrates with RxSystems web-based software that tracks inventory in real time, provides an audit log of dispensed drugs, & captures required prescription information (i.e. patient, doctor, etc.)
  • An easy carrying handle that can be folded down when not in use
  • Keyless access along with a secondary backup override key
  • Easy to read, large number, moisture proof, backlit electronic keypads.
  • Customizable lock and door color.
  • Easily mounted to wall or surface.
  • Measures 14”D x 7.5”W x 8”H to easily fit inside a locked cabinet or compartment.

Key Benefits

Our Portable Electronic Control Boxes with Tracking provides the following benefits:

  • Avoid penalties and fines for DEA or HIPAA non-compliance.
  • Increase medication security and safety.
  • Reduce narcotic diversion and medication loss.
  • Improves accuracy in medication dispensing
  • Available at a fraction of the cost to comparable systems on the market
  • Scalable to your budget (start with one box and scale as need)
  • Independent software solution that only requires Microsoft Excel (no pharmacy software integration needed)

If you need an affordable, efficient, safe, secure, HIPAA compliant, and DEA compliant narcotic lock box, request a quote.

Ideal Portable Narcotic Storage Solution

Our PECB with Tracking software is being used by LTC Pharmacies across the country.  

In addition, our secure portable narcotic storage solution could be used to:

  • Secure critical items on anesthesia carts in surgical units.
  • Secure narcotics and/or critical items in ambulances.
  • Secure critical items on med carts in LTC facilities.
  • Secure narcotics in home healthcare.

If you are curious if our solution will meet your needs, please contact us to discuss. 

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